The World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic. While companies around the world take proper precautions to protect their employees, global business isn’t stopping completely—even through economic turmoil and travel bans. 

Join Ben Wright, CEO and Founder of Velocity Global, Matthias Thorns, Deputy Secretary General at the International Organisation of Employers, and Luis Rodrigo Morales, Senior Advisor at the International Organisation of Employers to learn how HR professionals hire around the world during times of uncertainty.

In this program, we reviewed:

  • Steps Velocity Global took to protect our global employees and their communities from spreading the virus
  • Global hiring trends and places hit hardest by COVID-19
  • Why partnering with an International Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provider is helpful during uncertain times
  • How to use International PEO to hire local workers and gain access to essential markets
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