The COVID-19 pandemic caused M&A activity to stall following a record run. However, as countries begin to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic, M&A transactions officially resumed. Finance and HR executives must be prepared to navigate the different compliance risks and operational challenges associated with cross-border M&A.

Watch a roundtable discussion with Annie Thompson, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Velocity Global, Saul Howerton, VP Advisory at Vistra, and Roman Villard, Moderator and Director of Business Development at AVL Growth Partners, to learn expert insights into trends in M&A transactions this year.

In this roundtable-style webinar, these three experts discussed:

  • Compliance concerns and strategies for mitigating M&A HR-related risks
  • Establishing a legal entity vs. using International PEO (Professional Employer Organization)
  • Results from the recent CFO Research-Vistra survey on international expansion and operations

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