90% of U.S. and UK tech firms plan to expand overseasand 76% aim to be in more than three international markets by 2024. To help their organizations succeed in new markets, HR professionals must stay ahead of employment law updates that impact how, when, and who they hire to drive global growth.

Join Velocity Global to learn about 2020 employment legislation updates in the top 10 European and Asian markets from our State of Global Expansion 2019 Report: Technology Industry. Max Bramer, Chief of Staff - Operations, at Velocity Global, led this webinar on everything from employment contracts to taxes, and work permits to immigration.

In this program, we reviewed:

  • 2020 employment law updates in the top 10 most promising markets in Europe and Asia
  • Which markets face the most sweeping changes in 2020
  • How HR professionals navigate these changes to remain compliant
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