The COVID-19 pandemic slowed M&A transactions in some sectors, but the information technology (IT) sector boomed, thanks to the rise in virtual meeting rooms, digital health consultations, and e-commerce. 

This digitization movement incentivized dealmakers to close deals quickly, which helped IT M&A activity increase in the second half of the year, despite a slow Q2. The Cross-border M&A Monitor: Technology Sector uses PitchBook data to analyze this growth and key industry trends, insights, and motivations that defined the IT M&A industry in 2020. 

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  • 2020 macro market trends in IT M&A deals 
  • Shifts in equity/debt usage and their implications
  • The importance of PE firms in cross-border deal-making 
  • What a decline in cross-border carve-outs foreshadows 
  • How dealmakers use International PEO to expedite cross-border transactions 
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