Tech startups are booming all around the globe, but what strategies separate the unicorns from the rest?

Raconteur’s Accelerating Tech Startups report reveals expert opinions on how tech startups find longevity in the competitive global marketplace. These recommendations are crucial to tech leader's business strategies in 2020 and beyond.

Other helpful topics covered in the report include:

  • Driving Customer Demand­ Is Essential: 42% of startups fail because there is no market need for their product. Ensuring product market fit is vital for startups looking to scale
  • Startup Success Comes with Age: The average age of tech founders in the top 0.1 percent is 45, proving that experience and confident business decisions go a long way in creating a successful company.
  • Tech Startup Ecosystems: What sub-sectors of the tech industry experience the most growth and investment? Digital media typically takes the lead, but other industries like robotics and manufacturing are gaining traction.
  • Staff Your Growing Startup: One of the biggest challenges growing companies face is sourcing, hiring, and retaining qualified employees. Learn how leading talent acquisition teams keep up with demand and secure top talent.
  • Hot Tech Startup Hubs: Explore the most in-demand areas for tech startups, like Berlin and Stockholm, and learn why tech talent is heading there in masses.
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