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Watch Velocity Global CEO Ben Wright’s Collision 2019 presentation and find out why ambitious U.S. and UK tech firms are seeking hypergrowth overseas:


Agile Expansion

Achieving hypergrowth requires a presence outside of firms' domestic markets


Multiple Markets

Growing a presence in 3+ markets by 2024 is top priority for a majority of companies

Top Talent

Hiring premier talent is essential for firms—and they’re finding it abroad


Personnel Challenges

Building and maintaining well-functioning global teams is a key consideration

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The Velocity Global Difference

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Onboard global employees in as little as 48 hours

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Ensure a compliant global workforce

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Grow your business into over 185 countries

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Receive premium support 24/7

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Receive one monthly invoice for all your global supported employees

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Reduce global expansion costs by 60%

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Navigate local employment regulations

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Remain flexible with no long term commitments

About Velocity Global

Velocity Global is the leading provider of global employment solutions, offering premium service and unmatched expertise in over 185 countries. Velocity Global has reinvented the way companies expand internationally with its innovative International PEO solution, allowing companies to enter markets quickly and efficiently to achieve their global growth goals.