Avoid Common Global Hiring Headaches with These Six Steps

Hiring the best and brightest talent is a top priority for global companies—and many businesses look abroad to find it. In fact, 45% of U.S. tech firms revealed that the main driver behind their expansion plans is better access to qualified talent.

However, if your teams are unfamiliar with hiring outside of their current market, international recruiting challenges are inevitable.

Topics addressed in the Global Talent Acquisition: The Complete Checklist enable you to anticipate problems and create the most efficient hiring process through:

  • Global Talent Acquisition Strategy– Nail down the basics of where you want to hire and how to effectively do so in foreign countries
  • Market Research– Use the latest insights and intelligence to direct your recruiting efforts in new markets
  • Candidate Search, Evaluation, and Closing– Develop an effective recruiting process to find, attract, and hire the right candidates
  • Hiring Methodology– Determine the right components you need to create an efficient, flexible, and compliant hiring strategy
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