Stay Compliant While Hiring Employees Around the Globe

Companies often see hiring foreign independent contractors as a quick and simple solution to global expansion. But as an HR professional, you know that there are serious risks when companies hire internationally, and misclassified employees carry many different legal, financial and operational consequences.

Questions addressed in this checklist will help you mitigate risk and address the following topics:

  • Hire Compliantly–Each country has a unique way of distinguishing an independent contractor from an employee. Ask the right questions to determine if your foreign contractors are correctly classified.
  • Avoid Penalties–Learn about the various consequences for misclassified employees. The severity of these consequences will change from country-to-country, but companies could face hefty fines and even jail time.
  • Evaluate Potential Risk–Understand other noncompliance issues that go beyond monetary fines. Larger companies may face public backlash, and inquiries into contractor misuse can disrupt crucial business functions.
  • Correct Noncompliance Issues–The only way to avoid penalties is to make sure your foreign presence is fully compliant. Learn about different effective strategies to help you to hire international workers legally.
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