Stay Compliant When Capitalizing On Global Opportunities.

As an HR professional, you are the key piece that keeps your company focused on staying up-to-date with local labor laws, hiring the right people at the right time, keeping them operating compliantly, and maintaining employee satisfaction. Our global expansion checklist highlights key questions HR professionals like you should keep in mind during a global expansion.

Get the right questions to ask on the following topics:

  • Developing Your Global Strategy – Assess the state of your global expansion initiatives. Learn which considerations are integral to crafting a solid global strategy, including identifying primary goals, target countries, and timelines.
  • Conducting Market Research –Guide your decision-making with the latest market insights. Explore which regions offer economic, political, and cultural environments that best align with your goals—and regulatory considerations that may present challenges to reaching them.
  • Hiring Global Employees –Develop an efficient, flexible, and compliant hiring strategy. Start by identifying the best methods for sourcing and securing the brightest global talent, whether contractors or full-time employees.
  • Providing the Right Employee Benefits –Explore your global benefits package offerings. Determine which benefits are required in your target markets, and if these should be provided by you or the local government.
  • Maintaining Employee Satisfaction –Prioritize keeping your supported employees engaged and productive. Pinpoint potential challenges to retaining employees and develop a plan for keeping clear lines of communication open between you and your team.
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