As part of the Koito Group Company, North American Lighting is the leading tier one supplier of innovative automotive lighting systems to automakers in North America. It produces a full range of products, including forward, signal, rear combination, and accessory lighting. With 80 years of industry experience, the company’s research and development teams are redefining automotive lighting for the 21st century.


At the time, North American Lighting had a short-term in-country engineering project on its radar that it needed to complete as soon as possible. The company did not currently have an established foreign entity in Brazil; however, it was in the process of setting one up. Due to the tight timeline and immediate turnaround required for the project, the company was unable to wait until the entity was fully established before moving forward.

North American Lighting realized that it had a limited amount of time to get the project off the ground, and needed to move fast. After identifying the right candidate for its project, the company had to immediately onboard the new employee in Brazil so he could begin working. Additionally, North American Lighting needed to find a way to easily transition and offboard the employee upon completion of the project.


Speed, flexibility, and compliance were the main factors that drove North American Lighting’s decision-making process. Additionally, the company wanted to work with a partner that provided a premium level of service without a long-term contract.

North American Lighting chose Velocity Global’s comprehensive global Employer of Record (EoR) solution to get the employee up and running quickly, without waiting for the foreign entity to be established. The global EoR solution also allowed the short-term employee to be seamlessly transitioned off the service after the project was complete.


With Velocity Global’s International PEO solution, North American Lighting was able to compliantly onboard the employee in Brazil in less than two weeks. Velocity Global acted as a bridge solution so the company could complete the project, while simultaneously setting up a Brazilian entity.

Beyond a quick and simple hiring solution, Velocity Global offered even more flexibility by hosting a kick-off call in Portuguese to cater to the employee. The team also supported North American Lighting with travel and visa requirements when the team member traveled to the U.S. Upon project completion, the employee offboarding process was incredibly seamless due to the speed and agility provided by Velocity Global.

Overall, North American Lighting was impressed with the service, responsiveness, and flexibility provided by Velocity Global, and plans to use Velocity Global for future needs.


Prior to finishing its Brazilian entity setup, North American Lighting needed to complete a short-term in-country project. Unable to wait until the entity was fully established, the company needed to quickly and compliantly onboard an engineer in Brazil for the project, as well as easily offboard the employee upon completion.


Speed, flexibility, and compliance were the main factors that drove North American Lighting’s decision-making process. The company used Velocity Global and its global Employer of Record (EoR) solution to hire the engineer in Brazil, get the employee up and running as soon as possible, and remain compliant with local labor laws.


The global EoR partnership acted as a bridge solution to compliantly onboard the employee in Brazil, while North American Lighting finished setting up its Brazilian entity. Providing even greater flexibility, the Velocity Global team also seamlessly transitioned him off the service. The company plans to use the solution again in the future.

“Thanks to Velocity Global, we were able to get our new employee in Brazil up and running quickly for a short-term project, and didn’t have to drag our feet due to an entity setup.”

- John Key, Sr. Compensation Administator, NAL

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