Great Kids, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 c-3 organization committed to developing and providing home-based early childhood developmental assistance programs to at-risk families. The organization has over three decades of experience protecting and educating children and allowing parents to feel confident and competent in the process. Its curriculums have changed lives across the United States, Canada, Japan, the Philippines, and Ukraine.


After decades of success in the United States, Great Kids, Inc. sought to expand its home-based, early childhood education development for at-risk families into Nova Scotia, Canada. Specifically, it needed an in-country expert to develop a local guide for its home visitor staff, which assists parents on essential topics.

Great Kids, Inc. identified an exceptional prospect in Nova Scotia to help develop and deliver its local guide—but the organization faced significant challenges before bringing this employee onto its team.

With a wholly domestic staff, Great Kids, Inc. was inexperienced at hiring internationally, unfamiliar with Canadian employment law, and unaware of how to compliantly hire this employee without establishing an entity—a move it wanted to avoid. Additionally, Great Kids, Inc. did not want to rely on an independent contractor for this essential role. Fearing its options were limited, and that this promising opportunity might slip away, it needed a quick, compliant employment solution.


With little time to spare, Great Kids, Inc. not only needed a quick resolution but also continued guidance from an experienced partner to help navigate Canadian employment law—and one that could directly support its sole employee in Nova Scotia.

Velocity Global drafted a proposal that covered Canadian benefits packages, health and retirement considerations, and essential compliance measures for the team at Great Kids, Inc. to review. The organization weighed working with other global employment service providers, but ultimately chose Velocity Global for its compliant, comprehensive global Employer of Record (EoR) solution and clear, consistent communication.


Shortly after initial contact with Velocity Global, Great Kids, Inc. onboarded its first international employee and laid the foundation for its global presence. Velocity Global provided continued direct, steady communication and comprehensive global employment service offerings that removed the hurdles associated with onboarding a new international employee. Great Kids, Inc. had the confidence it needed to employ this key employee—without the worry of noncompliance with Canadian employment regulation. While Great Kids, Inc. remains focused on nurturing its presence in Nova Scotia, it will rely on Velocity Global in the future to help hire internationally and reach families across the globe.

Since the employee’s hire, Great Kids, Inc. created essential developmental materials to touch at-risk families in both the United States and Canada—furthering its mission to empower parents and improve children’s lives wherever their developmental assistance is needed.


After identifying a key potential employee in Nova Scotia, Canada, Great Kids, Inc. needed to find a quick resolution to its employment challenges. It did not have the internal or financial resources required to establish an entity in Canada and needed a compliant solution to onboard this promising international employee.


Because of Velocity Global’s clear, consistent communication and comprehensive global employment services, Great Kids, Inc. selected Velocity Global as its global Employer of Record (EoR) over other providers. Velocity Global afforded Great Kids, Inc. the confidence, flexibility, and support it needed to compliantly onboard its new employee in Nova Scotia.


Within one month of initial contact, Great Kids, Inc. compliantly onboarded its first international employee. Because of Velocity Global’s rapid resolution and continued employee support, Great Kids, Inc. will rely on its global EoR partner to help spread its life-changing developmental assistance abroad in the future.

“Velocity Global is a godsend. They delivered a seamless international onboarding experience that we were unable to provide otherwise. They were sympathetic to our needs, and made sure we—and our new employee—had continued support throughout the process.”

- Terry Lewis-Birkett, MBA, Director of Finance and Operations, Great Kids, Inc.

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