A world leader in the ophthalmic market, Glaukos provides groundbreaking therapies to treat glaucoma, corneal disorders, and retinal diseases. Glaukos has approval for its technologies in over 30 countries and is constantly pursuing opportunities to expand its global reach.


Committed to bringing its vision-saving treatments to as many patients as possible, Glaukos needed to overcome two significant obstacles: seamlessly entering new markets and providing an exceptional employee experience for remote talent. Because of the sophisticated nature of its therapies, Glaukos spends a significant amount of time training each sales representative, making talent retention of utmost importance.

“Our sales representatives cultivate critical relationships for us around the world— the doctors really trust them,” Glaukos Human Resources Director Jade Orzol said. “We have to not only retain our talent but keep them happy.”

Glaukos knows that keeping its workforce happy requires delivering an optimal employee experience in every market. The ophthalmology leader needed a partner that could provide local, expert support on payroll, benefits, taxes, labor laws, and more—all while enabling fast hiring in markets where Glaukos identified new growth opportunities.


Glaukos chose Velocity Global to handle international hiring and workforce support through its global Employer of Record (EoR) solution. Glaukos valued Velocity Global’s ability to hire talent quickly and compliantly in new markets. More importantly, Velocity Global provided Glaukos’ sales representatives with the timely, top-level care they needed—without placing extra burden on the Glaukos HR team.

“I cannot know all of the local regulations or labor laws in each country,” Orzol said. “Finding answers to employee questions on my own could take a couple of weeks. With Velocity Global, I can exchange a few emails and take care of the sales representative quickly and easily.”


Glaukos now partners with Velocity Global to manage supported employees across Europe and the Middle East. Orzol is impressed with Velocity Global’s high level of care for her and her team members and its benefits expertise in each market—even those in which Glaukos already has entities.

“We want our supported employees to have the best experience, no matter where they are,” Orzol said. “Even if we have an entity in a certain country, we absolutely consider putting our team members with Velocity Global if they can offer better benefits or support.”

In Velocity Global, Orzol has the ideal partner to manage her distributed talent, enable global growth, and ultimately help Glaukos improve its patients’ lives.

“At the end of the day, we’re helping patients worldwide not lose their eyesight,” Orzol said. “Wherever we think we can help patients, we know we can easily go into those countries regardless of whether we have an entity—thanks to Velocity Global.”


> To bring its life-changing treatments to patients worldwide, Glaukos needed a way to easily enter new markets without establishing entities

> Glaukos also needed to optimize the employee experience for its global sales representatives—each of whom it had invested heavily in training

> Because Glaukos relies on its sales representatives to develop relationships with healthcare decision-makers in new markets, retention is critical


> After comparing options, Glaukos chose Velocity Global as its global Employer of Record (EoR) partner

> Velocity Global enabled Glaukos to quickly enter markets without undergoing the lengthy, inflexible entity establishment process

> Partnering with Velocity Global also ensured Glaukos sales representatives received expert, timely, and market-specific support—without increasing the workload for the Glaukos HR teams


> As Glaukos’ global EoR partner, Velocity Global helps the ophthalmological leader easily manage its distributed talent

> Glaukos credits Velocity Global for delivering an exceptional employee experience, boosting retention for its invaluable sales representatives

> Glaukos also appreciates Velocity Global’s benefits expertise, consistently turning to its partner for counsel and solutions

“There’s no comparison to the customer service that I receive from Mike [Client Account Manager, Velocity Global]. He’s a one-stop shop for everything we need, whether it’s an invoice question, supported employee relations issue, or anything else that comes up. Even with time zone differences of managing teams across markets, Velocity Global helps us get things done as quickly as humanly possible.”

Jade Orzol Human Resources Director, Glaukos

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