Convercent is a global SaaS company focused on helping companies create consistent, clear, and user-friendly E&C (ethics and compliance) programs. Founded in Denver in 2012, Convercent has rapidly established a global presence: the company now provides software-based E&C solutions to clients in 149 countries worldwide, covering nearly seven million employees.


Seeking a proven C-level executive to drive meaningful revenue growth, Convercent located the perfect candidate—with one significant obstacle. The candidate lived in the Netherlands, creating international employment complications. Convercent Director of People Operations Julianne Brainard said the company was hesitant to invest the internal resources necessary to hire a sole employee in a foreign market. “We are a small team, so getting one person stood up in a different country was going to take a lot of time out of our day,” Brainard said.

Adding to the complexity of the situation was an extremely tight timeline. Convercent needed to expedite the hiring process to maintain a favorable tax break available to United States ex-pats in the Netherlands. Losing this benefit would add a substantial financial burden for both employer and employee, threatening the viability of this critical hire.

Convercent had already set up an entity in the United Kingdom and knew it could not afford the investment in time and cost, nor the inflexibility of entity establishment. With the clock ticking and a series of hiring obstacles ahead, the company needed a fast, streamlined, and fully compliant solution.


In search of a partner that could quickly handle every detail of global hiring and onboarding, Convercent turned to Velocity Global. By using Velocity Global’s Immigration and global Employer of Record (EoR) solutions, Convercent fast-tracked the hiring process without diverting internal teams.

Velocity Global’s immigration team immediately began the process to obtain the EU Blue Card required to hire the candidate. Racing against the tax-break deadline, Velocity Global’s experts frequently communicated with Convercent to ensure a quick turnaround of essential documents. The consistent correspondence advanced the hiring process in a matter of weeks— and laid the groundwork for overcoming future employment challenges in the Netherlands.


Convercent hired its executive and received the key tax break thanks to Velocity Global’s streamlined process and expertise. Convercent had peace of mind knowing the employment contracts were compliant and that their new team member would receive appropriate benefits as well as accurate, on-time payroll.

Convercent leaned on Velocity Global’s expertise again when the Netherlands updated its pension scheme regulations. Velocity Global proactively explained the changes to Convercent to ensure the company chose the most employee-friendly plan. Convercent Chief People Officer Rachel Gerace feels secure knowing Velocity Global is on top of every new labor regulation. “We know we can trust Velocity Global to bring those changes forward when we need to know about them,” Gerace said.

By hiring their ideal candidate using Velocity Global’s Immigration and global EoR solutions, Convercent raised performance across all areas of the company—from product performance to commercial initiatives. “Our new executive’s level of expertise and influence has been phenomenal,” Gerace said. “It’s really had a significant impact on elevating us as a company.”


Faced with a tight timeline, Convercent needed a way to rapidly and compliantly hire an executive-level candidate in the Netherlands—without turning to time-consuming and costly entity establishment.


With Velocity Global’s Immigration and global Employer of Record (EoR) solutions, Convercent had a partner with the expertise to compliantly expedite the global hiring process. Because of Velocity Global’s knowledge of Dutch hiring laws and consistent communication, Convercent streamlined hiring and onboarding without investing significant workforce or financial resources.


The candidate was hired in time to maintain a favorable foreign tax-break, which made the relationship financially beneficial for employer and supported employee. After onboarding, Velocity Global’s experts helped Convercent adjust to pension law changes. By securing an ideal candidate in a highly influential executive-level role, Convercent elevated performance across all areas of the company.

“I am so happy to work with Ingo [Client Account Manager] and the broader Velocity Global team. It’s been so nice not to have to worry about anything. The team has been awesome.”

- Rachel Gerace, Chief People Officer, Convercent

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