Cloud Elements was founded in 2012 with the vision of helping developers build cloud applications faster and at a lower cost. As a cloud API (application programming interface) platform, Cloud Elements offers developers a unified platform through which to publish, integrate, aggregate, and manage their APIs. The company is the fastest-growing API integration platform for SaaS companies and enterprises, and has begun expanding into new international markets.


Cloud Elements’ proprietary API integration solutions were growing at a very rapid pace. To keep up with this demand and provide regional support to its European customers, it needed to hire for the role of Vice President of Sales in the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). However, zeroing in on a specific location in the region and finding the right talent to fulfill each of its needs proved difficult.

Despite a tight timeline, Cloud Elements quickly established the qualifications its new hire must meet: it sought a professional who had experience building out a company’s presence and brand in the EMEA region—especially in Europe. This meant that the candidate must be well-versed in the integration space, has the expertise to increase 2018 revenue, and is the right cultural fit for the Cloud Elements team. It needed a solution that could not only facilitate its expansion into these new markets, but also assist in sourcing and hiring the right talent for the role.


Initially, Cloud Elements considered sourcing and hiring the new employee through its own resources and explored using a recruiting agency. But due to the specific requirements and strict timeline, it knew it needed additional assistance.

After carefully considering expansion partners, Cloud Elements chose Velocity Global for its end-to-end suite of solutions—which include Global Talent Acquisition and global Employer of Record (EoR)—to establish its international presence in the EMEA region. As Cloud Elements’ global EoR, Velocity Global was instrumental in not only sourcing, hiring, and onboarding the right professional, but also afforded them unparalleled support throughout the entire process.


Partnering with Velocity Global helped Cloud Elements secure its ideal candidate—well within its anticipated four-month time frame. Once Velocity Global found the right employee in the UK, its team of experts assisted Cloud Elements in creating the offer letter and employee contract and was able to onboard the employee quickly and compliantly. Velocity Global kept Cloud Elements abreast of progress, educated Cloud Elements on employment law, and worked with an internal recruiter to review and submit candidates on a weekly basis.

Cloud Elements was impressed with Velocity Global’s speed, knowledge, and dedication to finding the right talent and cultural fit. These factors made Velocity Global’s team of experts feel like it was part of Cloud Element’s own internal team. And the support continued beyond just the initial hiring process; Cloud Elements’ new employee continued to rely on Velocity Global when needed.


Cloud Elements needed to hire for the role of Vice President of Sales in the EMEA region to establish and begin building out its presence there. It not only needed to hire someone who met the job description, but someone who was also the right cultural fit for the company.


Cloud Elements originally considered sourcing the candidate itself. But, with a tight timeline, it chose to partner with Velocity Global for its Global Talent Acquisition and global Employer of Record (EoR) solutions to hire its first employee in the UK. Its speed, knowledge, and dedication to finding the right candidate were all crucial factors in Cloud Elements’ decision process.


By partnering with Velocity Global, Cloud Elements was able to hire its first international employee and begin growing its presence in EMEA. Within the four-month anticipated timeline, Velocity Global quickly and compliantly onboarded the employee, and provided support throughout the process.

“From first contact to onboarding, Velocity Global’s team of experts were knowledgeable, courteous, helpful, and prompt. They quickly learned about our complex space, and were in constant communication throughout the entire process.”

- Kristie Hunziker, Head of People Operations at Cloud Elements