Citrus is a full-service branding, marketing, and advertising agency based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2018, Citrus delivers differentiated and customer-focused creative solutions tailored to their client’s unique needs. Citrus’s client experience includes brands such as McDonald’s, Wells Fargo, VisionWorks, James Avery, and more.


When Citrus Advertising Brand Designer Sam Butz decided to move to the United Kingdom, the agency faced a hard decision. Butz was a key member of Citrus’s tightly knit, high-performing team—and an invaluable asset to clients. However, Citrus did not have the legal or HR resources to manage complicated UK labor laws on an ongoing basis. Providing payroll and benefits while staying on top of ever-changing compliance requirements would be a time-consuming burden for the company.

“Compliance is one of the biggest areas of responsibility for any company,” Chief Operating Officer Melinda Yoder said. “Keeping up with international labor regulations was daunting, to say the least.”

Citrus’s clients continued to expect timely, high-quality work, leaving the agency with little time to waste. Citrus needed a way to easily and compliantly retain Butz so it could keep delivering the outstanding creative solutions its clients expected.


Citrus initially partnered with a global payroll provider to onboard and manage Butz in the UK. However, Yoder soon felt unsupported by the provider—and overwhelmed by the burden of understanding UK labor law on her own. “I felt like I was being asked to be an expert on things that I was not an expert on,” Yoder said. “Our provider asked us to establish ourselves as a legal entity in the UK, which we were uncomfortable with since the implications were not completely clear and the decision needed to be made very quickly.”

On a tip from an employment lawyer, Citrus considered a new solution: working with a global Employer of Record (EoR), Yoder compared several global EoR providers and chose Velocity Global after being impressed by its People-First, full-service approach.

“Velocity Global made me feel like a human from the first day,” the COO said. “It was clear Velocity Global would carry us through the entire process rather than just tell us what to do and have us execute it. I finally felt like I could breathe.”


Partnering with Velocity Global gave Citrus the win-win solution it needed. Velocity Global onboarded Butz in the UK in just one week, allowing her to continue critical work without forcing the company to handle foreign compliance and overseas workforce support. Butz is thrilled at the ease of her transition and Velocity Global’s ongoing support.

“It’s incredible that I’ve been able to so seamlessly continue my job in a different country,” Butz said. “I feel really comfortable reaching out to my Velocity Global contacts. The fact that I’ve had all my questions answered quickly and fully says a lot about their service.”

Citrus also credits Velocity Global with opening its eyes to the value of international employment. “This experience proves that our people can work from anywhere and be productive,” Yoder said. “Using Velocity Global has changed our entire mindset about overseas remote work.”


Citrus Advertising’s Brand Designer Sam Butz planned to move to the UK, and the agency faced a tough decision. Citrus wanted to retain Butz due to her key role in the agency’s highly efficient creative team— and in delivering exceptional work to clients. But Citrus had no in-house legal team or experience overseeing foreign professionals. It needed a way to compliantly onboard and manage overseas talent without adding to internal workloads.


Uncomfortable with the solutions and support offered by a global payroll partner, Citrus turned to global Employer of Record (EoR) providers. Velocity Global stood out due to its People-First, full-service approach to onboarding, payroll, benefits, compliance, and support. Citrus was impressed by Velocity Global’s willingness to not just provide advice, but carefully walk the agency through the entire process.


Velocity Global onboarded Butz in one week, helping the agency meet ongoing client demands without taking on extra international labor compliance burdens. Butz was impressed with the seamless transition and feels comfortable turning to Velocity Global for continued support. Thanks to the ease of Velocity Global’s solution, Citrus has a trusted partner to support future overseas hiring.

“Global EoR through Velocity Global is smooth, fast, and allows us to keep our team together. It’s a win-win for our company and our people. I definitely would recommend this to anybody— especially a tight, efficient company of our size.”

Melinda Yoder, Chief Operating Officer, Citrus Advertising

About Velocity Global

Velocity Global is the leading provider of global employment solutions, offering premium service and unmatched expertise in over 185 countries. Velocity Global has reinvented the way companies expand internationally with its innovative global Employer of Record (EoR) solution, allowing companies to enter markets quickly and efficiently to achieve their global growth goals.